Tips for Staying Healthy This Season

Are you looking for ways to stay healthy and safe this holiday season? It is vital to take the correct steps to ensure you and the people around you are healthy and safe. Naturopathic Doctors are a great alternative, because you can find natural and comfortable healing remedies that work for you. Naturopathic doctors are unique in that they treat each patient as an individual and believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself. They are trained to take comprehensive medical history intakes and physical exams during their education to help diagnose and emphasize natural therapies in their treatment, prevention, and management of acute and chronic conditions. Check out this blog about Tips for Staying Healthy This Season provided by our Moonstone Naturopathic experts!

Wash & Sanitize Your Hands

Washing and sanitizing your hands regularly is extremely important and beneficial for your health and is also one of the main Tips for Staying Healthy This Season. Washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself from catching or spreading illnesses.

Get a Flu Shot

Getting an annual flu shot helps reduce the spread of the flu and prevents you from getting it.  This is one of the most beneficial Tips for Staying Healthy This Season. The CDC recommends a yearly flu shot for people six months and older to ensure that the most up-to-date vaccine protects them.

Reduce the Spread

Now more than ever, with Covid being as prevalent and dangerous as it is, it is crucial to ensure that you take the proper precautions to reduce the spread of disease. Washing your hands, sanitizing surfaces, keeping a six-foot distance from others, avoiding touching your face, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep are all vital steps to reduce the spread of illness. Reducing the spread is one of the best Tips for Staying Healthy This Season!

Make Nutritious Choices

Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet can reduce your chances of getting sick. Eating foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains can also help to ensure you stay healthy during the cool months. If you’re looking for organic and natural foods and wellness alternatives, reach out to our expert Naturopathic doctors at Moonstone Naturopathic.

Stay Active

As the weather gets colder, it can be more challenging to get outdoors and be active. However, taking a short walk, playing with your animal, or even doing light home workouts can help you feel good and stay active during the fall and winter seasons. Use these Tips for Staying Healthy This Season to keep yourself active this winter.

How Moonstone Can Help You!

From nutritional guidance to exercise tips to natural remedies, a Naturopathic doctor can help you stay safe and healthy this winter season! If you want to work with a naturopathic doctor throughout your health journey or learn about Tips for Staying Healthy This Season, then contact Dr. Brandy McGill from Moonstone Naturopathic to make an appointment or visit our website

* The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your health provider