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“Brandy is extremely friendly and personable; which helps because she really TEACHES you how to be healthy rather than just treating symptoms. I absolutely trust her judgement and would recommend her to anyone interested in natural health solutions.”

Erik Motsenbocker

“Brandy really takes care of her patients and partners with them to find sustainable holistic health solutions.”

Torsten Kuenzlen

“Dr. McGill is amazing! I couldn’t recommend her more!!”

Elaina Karras

“Dr. McGill you are absolutely amazing! You have helped me regain my health while being easy to talk to! thank you again! ”

Katie Ronzo

“Dr. Brandy is the best and she is my primary physician. She is knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, and kind. Dr. Brandy has been helping me with my leaky gut issues and through testing she found answers to issues I have been trying to resolve on my own for a long time. The tests that she ordered for me also showed a lot of information about my health that made me very relieved! Just within 1 month of following her recommendations (after all the testing was done) I am noticing a difference already. Dr. Brandy is really dialing in my healing and I really appreciate her guidance, positivity, and expertise. There are so many doctors out there who are terrible healers and just push drugs to mask symptoms. I’m very grateful that I met Dr. Brandy and that she is helping solve the source of my health problems holistically!”

Jessica Hanley

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