Our Bodies, Mind, and Spirit Change with the Seasons

Fall is a season of change and transition: weather becomes cooler, the leaves change colors, the vegetables are ready to be harvested, and the days become shorter. Fall is also the beginning of a new school year, which means a significant change for families, both children, and adults.

These transitions can be smooth and easy, but for some, they can be stressful and manifest as both physical and emotional symptoms. In the fall, the immune system tends to get weaker as the temperature changes, we spend less time in the sun and stress levels with school schedules and work rises. With that said, the chance of getting sick or catching the flu is really high.

Seasonal Health Changes:

If people do get sick, they are simply trying anything from the over the counter products that are available. No relief and side effects are driving people to the doctor’s office with the hope of “something else”. Often, medical doctors will tell you that you have a virus and there is nothing they can do for it. Homeopathy is unique because it addresses the state of the person as a complex system with respect to the symptoms that they suffer and considers the dynamic interconnection of the whole person.

For example, when a person becomes ill, there is often a precipitating cause. It could be a seasonal change, a traumatic occurrence in their life, environmental factors or dietary indiscretions. In addition to that, each person has their own sensitivities and will be susceptible to factors that another person would not be. Maybe your immune system becomes run down or overwhelmed when you are under stress. It will have to be a particular type of stress that triggers your response and the way in which you respond will determine what remedy you choose for treatment. Homeopaths treat the individual not the diagnosis.

The best and most obvious way to prevent colds is washing hands often, with soap and under running warm water for at least 30 seconds. It is also important for getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet of whole, organic foods and drinking plenty of fluids is key to building a strong immune system along with maintaining relationships that nurture you.

Homeopathic Remedies to Try:

As we get older we start to learn the symptoms we have for certain colds or flus. If you do feel the flu coming on or you have been exposed to an ill person with the flu, the homeopathic remedy to try is Oscillococcinum, a product made by Boiron, and it is very helpful. It is recommended to take at the first sign of flu like symptoms. Take 1 dose and continue as needed for the first 24 hrs. However, one should always consult with a care provider and more specifically with a homeopathic care provider when taking such remedies. Research does show that the virus is often averted or the symptoms decrease in severity and duration over time when using Oscillococcinum.  As for a cold, Boiron has a product called Cold Calm, which contains remedies that is more specific for cold like symptoms.

Influenzinum (or also called Flu Nosode) is a homeopathic prep of the vaccine that is created yearly. It is recommended that you take it once a week during the flu season and more often if you are exposed to the flu or by direct contact with an infected person. During the very beginning of your symptoms developing, you may take it 2-3 times a day but you should stop once the symptomatic relief is obtained.

The Conclusion of Homeopathic Treatment for the Changing Person and Changing Seasons

Homeopathy continues to have the most visibly profound effects for children and adults alike, especially when the transition from the summer season to the fall season. Homeopathic remedies are very safe to use, and they do not have the same detrimental side effects like big pharmaceutical company medicines do. Homeopathic remedies do not ruin your digestive system, like the lining in your stomach and intestines, like the traditional or over the counter medicines can. These remedies are non-toxic, effective, and even better yet, they are naturally made! This makes these remedies brilliant medicinal alternatives for kids and adults.  Typical homeopathic remedies come in the form of small pellets that are easy to ingest for children, teens, or adults (plus they taste sweet, so kids don’t mind taking them!). This magnificent form of treatment can help care for your whole family by specifically addressing their physical and emotional needs all in one.

Visit with Dr. McGill

During a visit with Dr. McGill will first conduct an interview that will help her determine what makes that patient unique, as well as how they are speaking about or are approaching their complaints. This helps her to find solutions that best match their specific needs. Even if two patients are presenting similarities, they most certainly have vastly different bodies, lifestyles and how they react to the changing seasons must be put into account and each person must be taken care of individually.

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