Using natural remedies to cure the flu

It is ROUND 2 of the flu and cold season!! Recently the CDC’s announced a second strain of the flu that is spreading around that is different from the one that was detected at the beginning of the flu season, late last year. This particular flu strain is affecting the older population; however, the younger population is still being affected by the earlier strain. December through February is usually the peak of it. Children are passing it to each other at schools and adults can spread it around at work.

Common signs of the flu include:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Insomnia
  • Swollen glands
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Dry throat and cough
  • Weakness/ fatigue
  • Nausea/ vomiting

The root of the flu is caused by viruses, but sometimes our lifestyles can add on to the weakening of our immune systems. Poor diets, stress, overworking, and not enough sleep can make you more susceptible to catching the flu. Taking care of yourself during this period is very important so the virus doesn’t advance to a more complicated level.

Using natural remedies to fight the flu are great alternatives to antibiotics. Here are a couple of natural remedies you should try next time you start feeling sick.


Elderberries are a natural way to boost your immune system. This fast acting bery can start taking effect as soon as you take it. It activates the innate immune response in your body by increasing the production of cytakines. Elderberry will dismantle foreign invaders making them ineffective toning down the inflammation response. Elderberry in syrup form has been used for centuries and reduces the infection within 48 hours of symptoms. And not only does Elderberry fight the flu, but it is a great antioxidant that helps the body clear free radicals.


Echinacea is also a very popular plant that has been used as medicine for ages. This powerful supplement prompts the body to produce and strengthen white blood cells in order to fight the flu. It also has other benefits outside of fighting the flu like; protection against cancer, treating certain skin conditions, pertains anti-inflammatory properties, lowers blood sugar levels, and can reduce feelings of anxiety.

Vitamin C

We’ve all heard about Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant and the wonders that is does to your skin. Vitamin C also reduces any cold symptoms and reduces the duration of any illness.


There are many forms of homeopathy to treat fevers. They are natural medicines that will help ease discomfort during the flu. Belladonna is used to treat high fevers. Arcenicum Album can relieve symptoms of restlessness, chills, anxiety and aids in food poisoning. Eupatorium perfoliatum is a remedy that targets colds, sneezing, sore bones, dry and runny noses, or stuffy noses.

Getting sick is never fun and trying our best to prevent it by eating healthy, relaxing, exercise, and taking natural supplements can help us go up to years of not getting sick.

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